Vintage Report 2022


Vintage 2022 Report

Our 5th vintage at Monty’s Leap and what a journey its been with every season bringing new challenges and successes. Vintage 2022 being no different.

Following on from a very wet winter, spring started on time with warm dry days during the veraison period. Resulting in great fruit set and a high bunch count later on.

The Marri trees along the river were in full blossom for a few months which kept the birds distracted for a while at least.

Into February the finish line was looming and with the ground drying up very quickly a few much needed rains arrived in March that gave the vines a much needed drink freshening the fruit right up.

Harvest went exactly to schedule with yields at almost record levels particularly for the Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz and perfectly ripe fruit. Although the birds and kangaroos had a party with the Merlot and Cabernet we didn’t completely miss out.

All in all a successful vintage with high yields and top quality fruit. Viticulturist, Ray Williams and his team did a great job yet again.

Autumn colours are now showing in the vineyard as the vines slowly go to sleep. Time to move the sheep in and start maintenance ready for next season.