1. If you use our Sites and Services, you will receive communication via electronic messages, including email, text message/SMS, or mobile push notifications in accordance with the venue’s privacy policy. If you no longer want to be part of the venues customer database or to be contacted in this manner, please contact the venue in which you made the reservation to be removed.
2. As a courtesy you agree to contact the restaurant if you have any changes, updates or need to cancel your reservation.
3. Your reservation will be allocated to the best available table at the time of your reservation in the venue you have chosen.
4. Any special requests made will be catered for by the venue as best as possible.
5. Please be advised we do not offer itemised split billing; upon request we are happy to split the total amount equally between guests.
6. We are a dog free venue. We love dogs but please leave them at home.
7. Whilst we actively encourage parents to bring their children to enjoy a dining experience with us, a restaurant can be a dangerous place. Monty’s is situated in a rural area and that comes with hazards to be aware of – snakes, pond, livestock. We have a playground & sandpit area for them to enjoy. We ask that they are always supervised.
8. Customer car parking is situated at the front of the building.
9. Please do not enter areas that are clearly marked ‘Staff Only’.
10. For the health and comfort of all our guests we ask that you smoke in the designated area.
11. Visitors/patrons acknowledge the rights of Monty’s Leap to refuse entry or request the departure of patrons from our site at any time, and for any lawful reason. When so asked, patrons are advised to do so promptly and respectfully to the staff. Patrons have the right to dispute what they may believe to be unfair treatment, in writing and emailed to bookings@montysleap.com.au and not to take issue with the staff/management at the time of refusal/departure.
12. Accidents happen from time to time. Both staff and patrons will be excused for minor breakages and general mess. Patrons acknowledge that breakages of significance and/or any intentional damage can and will be charged to the patrons’ bill.
13. Everyone has an obligation to stay at home while displaying ANY symptoms such as fever or coughing. We have the right to refuse service or entry and insist that anyone with these symptoms leave the premises.
14. While waiting to be seated please observe physical distancing or wait outside to be seated.
15. It is a requirement the patrons must sanitise their hands before entering the restaurant.
16. Visitors to the restaurant acknowledge that they may be asked to wait, or be refused entry, to the restaurant in the event that the site has reached its total capacity under the WA Hygiene Hospitality requirements.
17. Customer car park is located at the front of the building, we have a flat boardwalk with an undercover area halfway. Our venue is wheelchair accessible.
18. Most importantly we hope that you enjoy your time with us here at Monty’s Leap.
19. Our terms and conditions will regularly evolve with the changing conditions and government mandates due to Covid-19

Monty’s Leap Wine Club T&Cs

 1. By registering as a Monty’s Leap Wine Club member, the customer consents to their credit card details being kept in a secure payment gateway to allow automatic payment to be processed on the day of release of the next wine shipment 

2. Members are obliged to notify Monty’s Leap of any change to delivery address or credit card details 

3. Members must be 18 years of age or older 

4. Monty’s Leap reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions. Should the terms and conditions change, Members will be notified via the email address provided. 

5. You subscribe to receive future special offers, promotions plus information about special events from Monty’s Leap until such time as you request us to stop. Should you wish to opt-out at any time simply unsubscribe or advise us by phone or email. 

6. Your details remain yours and may only be shared with our agents for the purposes of communicating Monty’s Leap Wine offers only. They will NOT be sold or rented to any other companies. 

7. Shipments are for Members’ personal consumption only and must not be used for retail sale.