Our Story

Monty’s leap is a family-owned and run business on the banks of the Kalgan River. Michelle and Phil bought the property in 2017, merging two lifelong dreams. A rare opportunity and a big leap of faith they’ve worked together with local builders to renovate and add to the pre-existing building. Featuring upcycled materials that have been given a new life in the restaurant and cellar door. Re-using old timbers from structures such as the Emu Point Jetty and Maylands Traffic Bridge ties in well with the proximity to the river and its history.
Our aim is to achieve a casual fine-dining experience in a relaxed, rural setting. Of course, this has meant thorough research and careful planning of the all-important and ever-changing menu. Their food philosophy is very clear. Fresh, locally sourced, in season, mid-sized servings, high quality, farmhouse-type food – provincial style.
Michelle, Phil and their team have remained focused on providing a quality experience. Focusing on bringing the best of what they’ve seen in Australia and the world to our hill here on the Kalgan. And that’s not just food and wine, it’s the service and the general feel of the place. Excited and motivated by the prospect of building lasting new relationships with diners and creating new family traditions with local residents and visitors to the region.